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Primary 3 Mathematics Olympiad (Coming soon)

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Welcome budding mathematicians to our Primary 3 Olympiad Course! This program is a fusion of foundational concepts with analytical challenges, designed to enrich young minds. Arithmetic & Patterns: Dive into basic operations and uncover the magic of number patterns. Through intuitive tricks, calculations become a breeze. Number Patterns & Remainders: Explore sequences and series, learning to deduce terms using remainders, making number prediction engaging. Geometry: From triangles to irregular polygons, students unravel perimeters and areas, making geometry both fun and informative. Average Nuances: Discover the dynamics of averages, learn how number variations impact them, and master combining diverse averages. Logical Reasoning & Reverse Problems: Develop the skill of thinking backward. By given results, trace steps to find unknowns, setting the foundation for future equation-solving. Model-Based Solutions: Using visual aids, solve problems involving sums, differences, and multiples, making math tangible. Word Problems: Bridge abstract math with real-world situations, making concepts relatable and applicable. Combinatorics: Delve into systematic counting, ensuring no possibilities are missed, fostering thoroughness in choices. Equipped with these skills, students will confidently face the challenges of the Primary 3 Mathematics Olympiad. With a broadened mathematical toolkit, they'll tackle problems innovatively. Join us in this enlightening journey!

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