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Mathematics Mastery for Upper Primary Math: Elevate Your Skills


GBP 120


1.5 hours per week (6 weeks)


🌟Enroll your child for targeted learning in fractions🌟

📆Date (To be announced soon)

📆Saturday 2:30 - 4:00

🔍Mere Green Library, Birmingham, B75 5BT, UK 🧠Target students : Year 5 or above

Is your child ready to master mathematics and enhance their logical thinking? Look no further! Enroll them in Ms. Chan's Mathematics Mastery course, where we focus on specific math topics each half term, providing in-depth learning experiences for upper primary students.

🧠 Why Choose our course?

🔍 Targeted Mastery Approach: Bid farewell to surface-level learning! We concentrate on one math topic per half term, ensuring students master the concepts and develop a deep understanding.

📅 Upcoming Topic: Fractions (13 Apr to 18 May)

🔄 Dynamic Learning Journey: Dive into the world of fractions as we explore addition and subtraction of fractions with same or different denominators. Master the intricacies of multiplication and division of fractions, laying a solid foundation for advanced mathematical skills.

👩‍🏫 Expert Guidance: Ms. Chan, our experienced instructor, employs innovative teaching techniques to make math engaging and enjoyable, fostering a love for learning.

📚 Comprehensive Learning: We go beyond theory! Our course includes after-class assignments, ensuring students apply their knowledge and achieve mastery in each topic.

🎓 What Sets Us Apart?

🌈 Customized Learning Plans: Tailored to the unique needs of Year 5 students, our curriculum ensures optimal progress and success in mastering mathematical concepts.

🚀 Interactive Learning Environment: Our classrooms are vibrant, interactive spaces where students actively participate, cultivating a positive attitude towards math.

🤝 Parental Involvement: Stay informed about your child's progress through regular updates and open communication channels between parents, students, and our dedicated teaching staff.

📆 Enroll Today!

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your child's math skills! Enroll them in Ms. Chan's Mathematics Mastery for Year 5 course today. Watch as they confidently tackle mathematical challenges with curiosity and a mastery of essential skills.

🌐 Visit our website for more information.

📧 Email us with any inquiries.

Ms. Chan's Mathematics Mastery - Elevating Year 5 Skills for Mathematical Excellence! 🌐🧮


Ms Y Y Chan

Ms Y Y Chan

Ms Chan is an experienced Math teacher with a passion for educating students. With 14 years of teaching experience at an EMI secondary school, she has honed her skills in delivering high-quality Math instruction to students of diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Her academic achievements speak to her proficiency in Math, as she has received HKCEE Grade As in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Studies, HKALE Grade As in Pure Math and Physics, and a GCSE Level 9 in Mathematics. She also holds a First Honor degree in Mathematics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Ms Chan's teaching philosophy centers on making Math accessible and engaging to all students. She believes in creating a positive and nurturing learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Her teaching style is tailored to the needs of each student, and she provides personalized instruction that is designed to address their specific learning needs.

Ms Chan is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Xīwàng Bēi International Mathematics Competition Best Teacher
14th Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth Mathematics Invitational Competition Outstanding Coach
2nd Hong Kong Secondary School Creative Problem-Solving Mathematics Competition Teacher Guidance Award
16th National Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth Mathematics Invitational Competition Outstanding Coach
17th National Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth Mathematics Invitational Competition Outstanding Tutor
18th National Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth Mathematics Invitational Competition Outstanding Tutor
Specialized Course on Education for Students with Autism
Advanced Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs
Chinese Network Inquiry Competition Hong Kong In-Service Teachers Group Champion

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